Texas State Guard Toy Drive

Texas State Guardsmen deliver toys to Dell's Children Hospital, in Austin, Texas, Dec. 19, 2015, as part of the annual "Young Heroes of the Guard" program.


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Dear Fellow Texan

In recent weeks we have all witnessed, and others have suffered, great loss.  When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, the storm did not differentiate one person from another, as it tore through homes and upended the lives of thousands of Texans along the Gulf coast.  

After the clean-up is over and the rebuilding is complete, most of us will go back to the lives we knew before the storm.

But for many children across our state, recovery and rebuilding their lives will be a long road to travel.  These are the children who are in hospitals, orphanages, foster homes, or women’s shelters.  

To bring some joy and comfort to these children, the Texas State Guard launched its first “Young Heroes of the Guard” Christmas Toy Drive in November 2009.  Our goal was to deliver thousands of toys to children confined in children’s hospitals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and bring a moment's happiness and encouragement to each of them.

Since that first toy drive, the Texas State Guard has continued to expand our efforts statewide to reach thousands of children who are hospitalized or do not have a place to call home.  Since 2009, we have collected and given out over 100,000 toys.  

Will you join us in this mission?  In helping us in this statewide effort – to gather or donate toys, to host a collection box, or to provide a valuable service so we could complete the mission – you brightened the day, perhaps the future, for a child in need. The drop-box would be emptied and maintained regularly by a Texas State Guard member.  

Your assistance to our toy drive will make a difference in the life of a child.

If you want further information on any aspect of this worthy and needed effort, please do not hesitate to contact us.